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If you’re interested in becoming an actor, you will need professional headshots because casting directors, producers, writers and directors all require close up shots of your face in order to get a look of the actor and determine whether or not they are suitable for a specific role. Headshots will allow them to see if an actor has the right physical attributes to then grant them an audition.

Headshots consist of two separate components, including a close up picture of the actor’s face along with a resume, which, in the entertainment industry, is a list of credits. The picture can either be black and white or in colour and without one, it is highly unlikely that you will succeed. Headshots serve as a calling card and are the only way a casting director will remember you and potentially invite you back for a second audition. You may be very talented but with all of the different actors competing for roles, it’s your headshot that will ensure you’re not forgotten.

For these reasons, it is very important for aspiring and working actors to have headshots that have been taken by a professional photographer as your entire acting career will depend on it. Find a photographer who specializes in headshots specifically because their experience and skills will allow them to get it right. Instead of hiring a random photographer, ask for a referral from friends, other actors or someone who works in the industry because working with a reputable photographer who knows what casting directors are looking for will make a world of difference.

The way in which you pose is an important aspect to consider because your headshot must reflect your personality and prove that you are perfect for the role. Remember that sometimes, a quick glance is all you will get, which is why you need your headshot to stand out. You can have a few different versions to show that you have range and this will also allow you to send different headshots, depending on the type of role and project. It’s always best to wear solid colours and the background must be simple. The focus has to be your face, so make sure there are no distracting elements because it will take away from what you’re trying to accomplish and the focus may shift to what’s behind you or your clothes, which you want to avoid. It’s also recommended that your name be included on the photo and having it printed on the bottom along with the information related to your agency is best.

The right photographer will be familiar with taking headshots and all of the elements required for this type of photo specifically, including lighting, background and how the actor should pose. Book Camera Man can help you with your acting career and specializes in headshots in both the Vancouver and Toronto areas, so if perfection is what you’re after, contact Book Camera Man today!

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