Three Key Tips To Help Keep You Comfortable and Confident During Your Maternity Shoot
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Pregnancy is a momentous time that’s celebrated by the expectant mother, friends and family alike! Capturing this special moment that goes by in the blink of an eye allows you to have a tangible keepsake to cherish forever. Documenting this experience with maternity photography will fill you with happiness and able to share and show these memories with your children. Maternity photography helps mothers realize their strength, unconditional love and appreciate the bond between the baby and their parents. The purpose is to enhance the mother’s confidence, however, pregnancy is a vulnerable time in life and some women may not feel as secure in their bodies.

Book Camera Man is your maternity photography company in Toronto and Vancouver to ensure you enjoy every moment of your photoshoot with the utmost comfortability. Here are five tips to help ensure your comfort for gorgeous results.

1. Have Your Photoshoot Done Between 32-38 Weeks

Every pregnancy and bump is shaped differently and unique to each mother! Some bumps may be small throughout the pregnancy and others may be round earlier on. However, the period of 32-38 weeks during pregnancy is the precise duration where the bump is often perfectly round and ready for pictures. The belly is beautifully round at this time and the mother can still move comfortably without strain. Physical comfort is our main priority at Book Camera Man to ensure
you’re able to move and pose without discomfort.

2. Choose Comfortable, Flattering Outfits

Whether your charming photoshoot is indoors or outdoors, simply classic or enchanting and rustic, outfits always play a significant role. The ensemble you choose for the day will be reflective of your personality and style. It’s important to choose an outfit that fits you comfortably and allows you to move freely without strain or limitation. Choosing clothes that accentuate your round tummy put the focus on the pregnancy and can make you feel less insecure about the rest of your body. However, selecting an outfit that makes you feel comfortable overall and is a direct reflection of your style can boost your confidence and allow the shoot to run seamlessly.

3. Lean On Your Partner For Reassurance

When a partner is joining in on the maternity shoot, the mother often feels more at ease. That results in beautifully shot, natural images that both will love! By showing each other your unconditional devoted love for each other and your baby, this alleviates some of the pressures and insecurities that professional photography may bring. Focusing on your partner will make for stunning, high-quality, candid photographs that will leave you speechless!

For amazing maternity photography services in Vancouver and Toronto, Book Camera Man will always exceed your expectations. Book your session with us online and our photographers will always ensure you feel comfortable, confident and happy!

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