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Language(s) spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati


Hello, I am a photographer and video assistant who passionately creates stunning visuals to captivate the audience and generate more business. My goal is to communicate clients services via engaging visual storytelling. I am experienced in conceptualizing and producing visuals from concept to final edits. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop (CC), Capture One, InDesign, Lightroom, Bridge in my workflow. I believe that my experience and my technical skills make me a strong candidate for this position. I have an expert knowledge of image editing/ re-touching and image composition. My educational background in Fundamental Arts and Applied Photography from Sheridan college has sharpened my skills like understanding of colour theory, compositing, and lighting. I am an extremely organized person and an excellent team player who constantly empower, inspire and challenge my self and co-workers to produce the best work within the given timeframe. Please visit for my current portfolio. I appreciate your time and concern for reviewing my work. Thanks, Preety Shah