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Language(s) spoken: English, Portuguese

Carlos Santos

I am a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada and with only 30 seconds of conversation, you will notice that I’m not a Canadian, I am a Brazilian (in case of the Latin name Carlos does not clue you enough) I was born in Brazil at the early 80s, a decade with great cartoons, tv shows, music, and a controversial fashion style. I love portraits, nothing is more effective than portraits to talk about the zeitgeist and the culture of an era. Another thing I love to do is take the camera to the street and guess what….? Yes, make pictures! My goal when I make a picture is to take who will observe the image to use more than only a couple of seconds looking at it. If can do it, there it is a successful image. Outside the photography’s world, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising and also extensive acknowledgment in pop culture like comics. My other skills include a special vision for “easter eggs” in movies and the capacity to drink coffee in dangerous amounts. Fun facts: Sometimes I shoot using an old film camera just for fun. My favourite movies are the Back to the Future trilogy. I can talk about movies for hours. I worked for 15 years as a web and software developer. Art makes my heart beat faster.